Br-other, 2016

Out of the bear cave here comes Jack.
Laughing like a maniac.
His Copic markers primed to attack.
His Pikachu bag strapped to his back.
Marshmallow Fluff for tonight’s snack.
Paper and pens all jam packed.
Humming to the Bleach soundtrack.
Out of the bear cave here comes Jack.

Ooona, 1911

Ooona sooner died that night,
Onboard the ship of violent dreams.
She rummaged through her brother's drawer,
And burned her eyes with shaving cream.

Oui Wee Girl, 1954

Oui Wee Girl
Bonjour Hello
Dropped her pee
All done below.

Nikki Noo Noo, 2015

Nikki Nikki Noo Noo
What dya plan to do do?
Will you take this through through?
And kill the girl next door?
Nikki Nikki Naa Naa
You took that too fa-far
Did you go to RADA?
You’ve killed the girl next door.
Nikki Nikki Nee Nee
How come you don’t see see
What you’ve come to be be?
Why you do that for?
Nikki Nikki Nay Nay
I think you’ve changed your way way
Not much more to say say
Nikki Nikki… no more.

Grammatically Uncorrect, 2012 

Commas, commas, in the, air
Apostrophe's flying everywhere
Move that colon: from over there
Insert a semi; go on; I dare.
Who needs grammar? No, not I
'You and me' or "you and I"?
Will you take time to find out why?
Or sit their literally on standby?
The effect of this won't have an affect
Nor change or alter nor disconnect
You're understanding, your intellect
Its farther and further away from the rest.
So please just listen for Gods's sake
And be content that you partake
I ask you except my mistakes
I promise not again to make...

The Mime Artist From Peru, 2012

You cannot see him, but he sees you.
He is the mime artist from Peru.
Can you see him?
He sees you.
But he dies a very quiet death.
He has no face, so blank as air.
He creeps about the village square.
Can you see him?
He sees you.
But he dies a very quiet death.

The Grimsby Witch, 2015

Grimmer than Grimsby and just as dull.
Old and stale, less famous than Hull.
For she is the queen with the eyes that pierce.
The Grimsby Witch that everybody fears.

Johanna, Oh, 2015

Oh, Johanna. Johanna, oh.
Come back here. Johanna, go.
That knife perplexed. Johanna, no.
Blood is dripping. Johanna, woe.
Your life is over. Johanna, so.
Now you're dead. Johanna, oh...

Lipa, 2013

Little, little Lipa
Awake is his small bed.
His mummy is not home
He's worried that she's dead.
Leaving, she said: "Lipa,
I'm just taking out my eyes.
For they are feeling itchy
So I think that this is wise."
Then she left out of the door
Lipa shouted from afar:
"Mummy don't forget your eyes
You won't see where you are!"
He worried and he wept
Thought his mummy was now blind.
Black holes instead of eyes
Nightmares going through his mind.
So he waited up all night
Until his mummy did return.
He'd try and buy her new eyes
With some money he would earn.
When his mummy did come back
Lipa jumped at her with glee.
"Your eyes have come back!
And it looks like you can see."
Lipa's mummy gave a laugh
And then to his surprise.
Explained the real story
About her not-so-absent eyes.
She hugged her little son
Then put Lipa to his senses. 
"Dear boy, you misheard me -
I took out my contact lenses!"

Suicide Eyes, 2015

Eyes wide like suicide,
Nothing to hide although she tried.
They lied and lied to push her aside,
She smiled wide, caught in her stride.
Their words like knives, knocked all her pride,
She cried and cried nothing to find.
Was this her life, was there no guide?
What of the tides, would they change side?
Eyes wide like they had died,
Suicide she couldn’t hide.

Donna Sue, 2015

Donna-Sue, full of spew
Shit comes out your lips.
No-one cares, they all stare
At your decreasing hips.
Donna-Sue, full of spew
Soon you'll be no more.
Lying dead, upon your head
In sick on your cold floor.

Ned's End, 2011

When Ned was dead
His mother cried
For he was gone
For he had died
And that was it
No more no more
She spurned the world
And nature's law
A thousand oceans
Dried to sand
She'd never hold
Her son's cold hand
His heart had stopped
His heart had failed
She cried for days
She screamed and wailed
Why not her?
She'd lived her life
Instead she'd live
With hurt and strife
The clock did tick
The clock did chime
The clock did stop
Forever in time
A friend called Death
Had took him away
But she didn't agree
She had no say
Removed of mettle
She was forlorn
Life had ceased
She'd always mourn
He was too young
A boy of four
It wasn't fair
No more no more...